The search engine, primarily Google, is the main source of traffic for all the websites. Your website should appear on the 1st page of google in order to get such traffic. You need to optimize your site very well in order to increase your chance to get your site in 1st page of Google search. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make your WordPress URLs SEO friendly. Let’s begin with learning what type of URL is considered to be SEO friendly URL.
Here’s an example of SEO friendly URL:

But, why is above link considered to be SEO friendly?
– It’s because it contains keywords used for this post. Besides, it also avoids the stop words.

For your ease of understanding, here’s an example of SEO unfriendly link:

You may have heard that WordPress is very good for SEO. Yes, you heard it right. WordPress automatically uses keywords of post title in the link. So, you need not worry much about SEO friendly URL. So, in this post, we are primarily focusing on different formats of permalinks which help you for better SEO.

The default permalink format of WordPress is:

Above permalink structure is best for magazine and news sites where posts need to be recent. But, for the business website where information in the posts remain almost unchanged and valid for a long time, the best possible SEO friendly permalink structure is:

What if your site is very large and cover varies subjects. In such case, you’d better go for following custom structure:

You can see that our website also uses category in its permalink. This makes it good for search engine. Besides, makes it easier for human audiences as well to navigate.

How to change the permalink structure of WordPress?

Step 1:

Login to WordPress Dashboard. Click on the Settings >> Permalinks menu.

How to make your WordPress URLs SEO friendly

Step 2:

You’ll land on the Permalink Settings page. Click on the appropriate radio button as per your requirement (as discussed before). After you make your choice, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Changes button.

How to make your WordPress URLs SEO friendly

The .htaccess file of your website is immediately updated which results in the change in permalinks.

Be careful!

Is your website live for several months? Are you having good social shares and likes? In such case, I suggest you not to change the permalink structure. Changing permalinks will make all previous links dead. Besides, you’ll lose all social likes as well.

But, if you are using the most social unfriendly permalink structure, changing the permalink structure to SEO friendly one will have more positive benefits.

Wrapping Up

Hope this tutorial was helpful for you. If you get any problem or have any question about SEO friendly links in WordPress, please leave a comment below. I’ll help you in the best way possible.

We have many other WordPress tutorials on the way. So keep following WPCounsel.