If you have decided to use category in your permalink, you probably don’t like category base to appear in the permalink. Do you know that you can remove it easily? Yes, in this article, you are going to learn how to remove category base from WordPress permalink.

What actually is category base?

Suppose you have published some posts in your WordPress blog under category ‘News’. Then you visit the category archive page, your link would appear as: http://www.example.com/category/news. And, if you have customized permalink settings to include category in the permalink of posts, your link would appear as: http://www.example.com/category/news/post_title_in_slug. 

In above two examples, you are seeing inclusion of ‘category‘ in each link, this is called category base. Do you think using it in the link makes any sense? In above case, it’s doing nothing other than making permalink longer and complex. Just imagine, how would be the permalinks without category base.
* http://www.example.com/news
* http://www.example.com/news/post_title_in_slug

By default, category base appears in the permalink. So, how to remove it. Let’s learn it now.

How to remove category base from the permalink?

There are several ways you can do it. When you know the simplest way to do it, why would you need complex one? So, let me begin from simplest way.

Step 1

Login to the WordPress Dashboard. Click on the Settings >> Permalinks menu.

step 1 - remove category base from the permalink in wordpress

Step 2

Scroll down to the Optional section of settings. You’ll see input field for Category base. This field is actually for changing the category base from ‘category’ to any other as per your choice. But, we are going to use it to remove the category base completely.

In this input field, just add period ‘.‘ as shown in the following screenshot.

step 2 - remove category base from the permalink in wordpress

Now, click on the Save Changes button to save the changes in setting you just made.

Surprised? Yes, it’s so much simple! Just the addition of period in category base input field removes the category base. 🙂

Wrapping up

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