In the last tutorial, we learnt How to install new WordPress plugin in your website. Now, we are going to learn how to add new post in your website.

What is post?

In WordPress, posts are the content entries that appear in reverse chronological order (latest posts appearing at first) in blog page. Posts are archived according to their date. In WordPress, you can create unlimited posts. You can well organize them into different categories and tags. Generally, commenting system is set on for the posts to allow further discussion.

How to add new post?

Adding new post is basic thing you need to do on your website. If you are blogger, your post is your blog post. And, if you’ve business website, you should have blog section which uses posts. So, let’s go through adding a new post in your website.

Step 1

Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Click on the Posts >> Add New menu.

Open new post page - How to add new post in your WordPress website

Step 2

You reach to the Add new post page which is advanced form to create the new post. First of all, you need to enter Title of the post. Your title should be short and should have keywords for your post (for better SEO).

Below title, you have a Visual Editor tool. You can create well formatted post with this editor. In addition to that you can switch to text editor as well. You can enter html code for formatting the article in text editor.

Step 3

Next step is publishing the post. In the top module of right side, you can see section for publishing the post.

Click on the Publish button.

Create your post and publish - How to add new post in your WordPress website

Once your post gets published, it is available to your audience. You can edit and update your post later on as per your requirement.

Add media (image/audio/video) to your post

Images and videos are the basic component of article. Use of image makes it easier to understand the subject matter properly. Even in this tutorial, we’ve used several screenshots. For the ease of understanding, we’re uploading and using image in the post. You can add a media to your post easily with following steps:

Step 1

Click on the Media button as shown in following screenshot.

Click on the Add Media button - How to add new post in WordPress website?

Step 2

Insert media opens where you’ll generally see Media Library. If your image is already in the media library, you can select and insert image.

If you need to upload new image, you can drag and drop the image on the same tab as well or on the Upload Files tab.

Drag and drop image - How to add new post in WordPress website?

If drag and drop doesn’t work on your browser, click on the Upload Files tab, then click on the Select Files button and upload the image from the folder in which it is located.

Upload file - How to add new post in WordPress website?

Image gets uploaded and selected in the media library.

Add the title and Alt Text for the image and click on the Insert into Post button.

Insert image into post - How to add new post in WordPress website?

Your image is inserted into the post.

Save you post as Draft

It isn’t that you’ve to publish the post immediately after creating it. You can choose to save it as Draft so that you can edit it further later on and publish on your wish.

In the Publish module, you can see Save Draft button. Click it to save the post as draft.

Save as draft - How to add new post in WordPress website?

Once you do it, you need not worry about saving the draft all the time as WordPress as Auto Save feature.

Schedule your post

Once your post is ready to publish, you may want to publish it at specific date and time. Suppose, you created 3 posts and want to post them at 8am everyday. How would you do it? Isn’t it awful to login the WordPress at 8am everyday just to click publish button of the post?

To solve this issue, WordPress has feature to schedule the post. In the Publish module, you can see Edit button next to Publish immediately. Click it and set the date and time to publish the post.  Click OK button. When you click OK button, Publish button changes to Schedule button. Finally, click on the schedule button.

Schedule the post - How to add new post in WordPress website?

Your post will get published automatically on the scheduled date and time.

Wrapping up

I hope this tutorial was useful for you. If you have any question or suggestion, comment them below. I’d love to hear you and help you. And, we’ve lots of WordPress resources yet to be published. So, keep following WPCounsel.