The new version of WordPress is released time and again. I’ve found that some people find it awkward to update WordPress time and again. But, is it a good idea not to update WordPress? Never! Then, why should you always have the latest version of WordPress?

WordPress updates are very crucial for your Website. These updates make your WordPress installation more secure and all add great new features for you to use. Basically, people have the tendency to feel difficult to adjust with changes and thus would like to continue using the same thing for a long time. Well, it may be good for other cases but not for WordPress website.

Major reasons for updating your WordPress installation with the latest version:

Protect your website from hacking

Do you know that one of the major security flaws because of which WordPress website have been hacked is the use of an outdated version of WordPress? Yes, web security experts have mentioned that hackers easily hack the outdated versions of WordPress as they had many security loopholes and flaws. Most of the WordPress websites which are hacked are found to be using an outdated version of WordPress.

Yes, there were security issues in previous versions of WordPress and WordPress community has worked hard to solve them in its recent versions. If you are using the latest version of WordPress, you can be ensured about the security of your website too much extent. Not only that, if there appear any security flaws, WordPress immediately pushes security releases which help to protect your website.

(Note: Though recent versions of WordPress are very secure, it doesn’t mean that you need not be conscious about website security anymore. Your website can still be vulnerable if you use insecure plugins and themes. So, be very careful about the themes and plugins that you use in your WordPress installation.)

Get latest features

WordPress has been getting more and more powerful and convenient after its each update. When I compare the WordPress version that I used 5 years ago with the latest one which I use now, I find the huge difference. WordPress has become much better since then. So many features which I had to depend on plugins are now the part of the core. Dashboard to widgets, every component of WordPress has improved a lot. We had to test the new theme on the local server before, but now we can directly use the customizer to test new theme and even customize it without putting a website on maintenance mood.

Updating the WordPress means you are going to get all the latest features. When you are getting all the updates free of cost, why should you feel lazy to click the update button and update it?

Wrapping up

WordPress updates are very crucial for your WordPress website. But, sometimes you need to be careful about few factors as well. There can be compatibility issues with the themes and plugins that you’ve been using the new version of WordPress. So, it’s always good idea to test that in your local server in case you have any doubt. But, in case of security releases, you can press update button without any worries.

If you have any question or confusion regarding it, you can put that in the comment box below. I’ll reply to your questions ASAP.