Are you worried due to slow page-loading of your website? Slow page loading worsens the user experience and increases bounce rate of your site. Who would like to visit the website which takes a long time to load? After all, everyone has huge number choices on the internet. If your website cannot attract your audience, they will visit your competitor sites providing the better user experience.So, you need to reduce page-load time as much as possible.

Your website’s page load time is affected by both servers as well as client related issues. If your website has a lot of graphics, it is sure that page load time will be higher. This is because browser should load several images and your server should process several HTTP requests. This way, both the server and the browser have to work much more which result in slow loading of pages.

How to solve this issue and make your website load faster?
The answer is Lazy loading technique.

What is lazy loading?

Lazy loading means loading the object only when they have to be executed. In the case of the website, lazy loading means loading the images and iframes only when they are on the viewport (visible part of browser) or certain pixels below the viewport. This way images are loaded by browser only when they are necessary. This improves the page load time of image-rich websites drastically. On the other hand, it reduces the burden on the web server as well. In This way, lazy loading technique helps to speed up the WordPress website.

How to implement lazy loading technique on your WordPress website?

Implementing lazy loading technique in WordPress website has been made very simple and easy with the free WordPress plugins available in WordPress plugin repository. You just have to install and activate the plugin. Rest is done efficiently by the plugin. Some plugins have more options to help you to solve some issues that can appear in some complex websites.

Here are some very efficient WordPress plugins for implementation of lazy loading.

a3 Lazy Load

A2 Lazy Load for sure is the most powerful and feature-rich lazy loading plugin available in WordPress plugin repository. Even our website, WPCounsel, uses a3 lazy load plugin. Besides images, you can lazy load videos and iframes as well using this plugin. If you think you need to exclude some images from lazy loading, you can do it efficiently. You can choose the animation for lazy loading as well. Another awesome feature of this plugin is that it is fully compatible with WooCommerce and cache related plugins.

BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load supports lazy loading of images as well as iframes. This means you can lazy load the youtube videos embedded in your web pages. Images are simply replaced by a placeholder and are loaded only when they are nearby the viewport. This is the best available WordPress lazy loading plugin after a3 Lazy Load.

Rocket Lazy Load

Rocket Lazy Load is yet another WordPress lazy loading plugin available in WordPress plugin repository. It doesn’t use jQuery or any other javascript library for lazy loading, but it supports lazy loading of all types of images on your website. As it hasn’t got option panel, you can use it just by installing and activating. Rest is all done by the plugin.

Lazy load

Lazy Load is the most downloaded lazy loading plugin of WordPress plugin repository. Lazy Load is a lightweight WordPress plugin without any option panel. So, you can enjoy improved page load speed just by installing and activating it.

jQuery Image Lazy Load WP

As the name tells, jQuery Image Lazy Load WP uses jQuery for the implementation of lazy loading. This plugin hasn’t been updated for last 2 years. But, it has 8000 active installs which mean it works fine even today.

Wrapping Up

Speeding up your page load time not only improves the user experience but also helps to improve the Search Engine ranking. So, I recommend you to use lazy loading plugin if your website has lots of images on its web pages.

Please, let me know about your experience with lazy loading plugins enlisted above. If you get any problem related to lazy loading, comment it below. I’ll be glad if I can help you solve them.

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