When it comes to Search Engine Optimation (SEO), link building is the prime concern. But, it isn’t that easy to do link building. And, only getting backlinks isn’t enough. Your backlinks should be of high quality as well. High quality in the sense, domains that link you should have good Alexa ranking. You may have detected that no site with high-ranking is ready to provide you backlink that easily. So, what could be the better and easier way for quality link-building? After doing good research, I’ve found some high-quality blog directories which provide us quality backlinks.

These blog directories primarily work in 3 models in providing quality backlinks:

  • Premium links (paid): It can cost you more than $20. But, such links are really worth it.
  • Regular links (paid): Such link generally costs you about $5. They aren’t as good as premium link are worth their price.
  • Reciprocal links (regular but free): Reciprocal link building is the very popular term. It means you have to provide a backlink to the site which provides you the same. Such links are similar to regular links which cost you around $5 overwise. If you want to build quality backlinks without spending a penny, reciprocal links are good for you.
  • Free links: Free links aren’t quality links in SEO perspective but will help you in getting better indexed in search engines.

There are hundreds of blog directories on the internet. But, all of them aren’t qualitative. Here, I’m going to present you the list of best out of best blog directories which provide high-quality backlinks.


Wrapping Up

Hope this tutorial was helpful for you. If you get any problem or have any question about SEO friendly links in WordPress, please leave a comment below. I’ll help you in the best way possible.

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