Are you looking for the easy and simple solution to manage the files of your WordPress installation? Are you looking for simple but excellent File Manager for your WordPress website?

Why do you need File manager plugin?

You know that, you cannot manage files from the WordPress Dashboard. Theme editor allows you to edit the theme files but doesn’t allow you to add, delete, copy or move files. Same applies to the plugin editor. What if you need to manage files? All you can do till now is either use FTP or use file manager of Cpanel. Cpanel has its own login-credentials and use FTP is also not interesting all the time. Well, this all has been my experience till now.

So, what I was always looked for was file manager plugin which allowed me to do everything thing about file management within my WordPress Dashboard. And, we have got it finally! Yes, it is File Manager plugin by aihimel which is now available in WordPress plugin repository. Currently, it has 40k+ active installs. Means it is already popular now.

WordPress file manager plugin

What can File Manager plugin do?

You can do everything that you need to do for file management. Key features of this plugin as follows:

  • Upload, Download and Delete operations
  • All operations with files and folders (copy, move, upload, create folder/file, rename, archive, extract, edit, etc.)
  • Light and Elegant client UI
  • Drag & Drop file upload support
  • List and Icons view available
  • Alternative to FTP
  • Archives create/extract (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip, bzip2)
  • Image and File Edit Support
  • Quicklook, preview for common file types
  • Calculate directory sizes
  • Video and audio preview/play
  • Support file search and sort

What else do you need? If you need more features like personal user folder, user permission level, etc, you can purchase premium version and can do everything that you hadn’t even imaged.

Wrapping up

File Manager is one of the very useful free WordPress plugin if you are advanced user of WordPress and know what you are doing. As a theme developer, I found this plugin very useful. But, you need to be careful if wrong person doesn’t get into your site as s/he will be able to edit any file or add or remove any file that can harm you. So, I suggest you to be careful about the chance of misuse when you use it.

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