WordPress has released it maintenance update WordPress 4.9.3 today to solve the bugs and issues. This update has solved 34 bugs of version and 4.9. These bug fixes include fixes for Customizer changesets, visual editor, PHP 7.2 compatibility, widgets, and many more. Your WordPress core should have updated until now if that supports automatic updating. Else, you can update it yourself now.

Are you using the older version of WordPress? WordPress 4.9 has amazing new features. Some of the major improvements in WordPress 4.9 are discussed below:

Coding Enhancements

With WordPress 4.9, you can code CSS styling and HTML widget more easily. With syntax highlighting and error checking feature, you can code much more easily without any trouble. It means you need not install any plugin for this task anymore. WordPress core has this feature. Besides, WordPress will warn you about potential danger when you edit your theme or plugin file. It will recommend you to backup your original files before you save it. Isn’t it great? Yes, WordPress has become much more smart and friendly with the new update.

Customizer Workflow Improved

Now, you can draft the design customizations you made on your site and schedule that to go live at the date and time you desire. Isn’t it amazing? This allows you time to readjust your design changes too before that is actually released to the viewers.

You can collaborate with other people for design changes. You can share the link for design change preview to your friends or viewers, collect their suggestions and then finally release the design update. Wow! This is the beginning of collaboration for design change at WordPress Customizer. And, the beginning is really exciting for all of us.

In addition to above feature, you are now getting designing locking feature as well. Yes, now, the design made by you can be locked so that other designer friend working on your site cannot tamper with it. Well, it’s similar to post locking feature. Also, if you left off the designing work and went away in between, WordPress you politely ask you if you would like to save changes to that immediately after you open it later.

Widget Updates

Gallery Widget has been added to WordPress core with this update. Now, you can place beautiful gallery on your WordPress website with the widget. Besides, text widget also has seen a new update. You now have ‘add media’ button in the text widget, means, you can now add any media in between your text easily.

There are some other site building improvements as well in WordPress 4.9. You can preview your theme properly before you switch to it. You’ll have much ease in creating the menu as well. You’ll have less confusion with better instructions provided by WordPress.

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