WordPress community has received important updates with the release of WordPress 4.8. It has several most awaited features and is receiving warm welcome from the community. What are new features in this version? How is it going to make your life easier? Let’s understand better!

Major feature updates in WordPress 4.8

From the new widgets to nearby WordPress events, there are several important updates in WordPress 4.8. Some of the major feature updates you need to know are described below:

Three new amazing widgets

When you wanted to put image in the sidebar, what you used to do? It was the problem right? Either you’d to install plugin which provides image widget or you’d to write HTML in text widget. We all were looking for image widget as core feature. And, with WordPress 4.8, we’ve got it. We have received 3 amazing widgets in this version:

Image Widget of WordPress 4.8

Image widget in WordPress 4.8You can put welcome image or banner advertisement in your sidebar with the image widget. You can upload new image and show it or even put any image from the media gallery. In case of adding banner advertisement, you can easily do it as you can put link over your image.

Audio Widget of WordPress 4.8

If you’re running a podcast related website, audio widget is going to help you a lot. Even if it’s not, you can choose to put welcome audio message from the sidebar. You can play any audio file from the media library with this audio widget. So, it’s going to be very useful for you.

Video Widget of WordPress 4.8

Welcome video message is kept in several websites these days. But, due to the absence of Video widget, you had to depend on some plugin or had to get your WordPress theme customized paying to professionals. With new video widget, you can show any video from your Media library or even display the one from Youtube or Vimeo. I’m personally pretty exited with this plugin as it’s going to save lots of time in theme development.

Visual Editor in Text widget in WordPress 4.8

Text widget with Visual editor in WordPress 4.8You could only put plain text or had to use HTML/CSS for formatting the text in Text widget. But, with this new widget, you can choose to visual editor even for the Text widget. You can make text bold, italic, add list and hyperlink easily with the visual editor.

Besides, you can always switch to text editor and use any HTML CSS formatting as per your necessity. It means you can have very attractive sidebar in your website without any coding knowledge. Isn’t it great?

This has been done by incorporating TinyMCE in Text Widget. This updates has opened the way to easy development of visual editor based textarea to the developer.

Nearby WordPress events in WordPress 4.8

Nearby events feature in WordPress 4.8WordPress events are happening throughout the World. WordCamps and WordPress meetups are being held regularly. These events are great opportunity to widen your knowledge and build more connections within the community.

To help you get in touch with your nearby community better, you’re going to see nearby events the Dashboard just above WordPress news section. You can easily edit the city and see the events happening there. With this new feature, now, you won’t miss any important events near you.

Some other important updates

Link boundary in Visual editor

There used to be problem to work with links while using visual editor. WordPress 4.8 has solved it well. Now, you can easily add normal text after hyperlink and pass over the link easily with arrow left and arrow right keys.

Variable Customizer width

You can have more ease in using WordPress customizer in WordPress 4.8. Sidebar of customizer was in pixel width before. Because of this, it looked too narrow in larger screens. This issue has been solved in this version by fixing sidebar width with percentage value.

Text Editor JavaScript API

With inclusion of TinyMCE to the text widget, new JavaScript API has been introduced for text editor. With this API, Plugin developer can be advantaged a lot as they can easily turn normal textarea to Visual Editor instantiating this API.

No more core support for WMV and WMA files

WMV and WMA file types are almost obsolete now. Most of the browsers no longer support them. So, WordPress 4.8 has removed core support to these files types as they are no more necessary.

Multisite Updates

If you’re using multisite feature of WordPress, there’s something new for you as well. News hooks and tweaks have been added to make it more easy for you to manage your network.

Wrapping Up

You’re getting great new features with WordPress 4.8. So, you can upgrade to it. But, I recommend you to make full backup of your current site before you update to 4.8. If you get any trouble, you can comment them below. I’ll always be pleased to help you with them.

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