The most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce, has released its new version, version 3.0 ‘Bionic Butterfly’. It is the major update to the WooCommerce, which came after a long wait. Previously, it was expected to be released as version 2.7 in February. After the long development cycle, they released it as version 3.0. Naturally, you may have a query, ‘What’s new in WooCommerce 3.0?’. So, here I’m going to present some major features in the new release.

Major Feature updates in WooCommerce 3.0 ‘Bionic Butterfly’

WooCommerce 3.0 has several new feature updates. From gallery to performance improvement, there are several new features to empower your online store.

More intuitive Product Gallary

WooCommerce 3.0 has made its Product Gallary more intuitive for the mobile experience. With pinch to zoom, swipe to scroll through the gallery, and swipe up to close the current image features, buyers are going to have a better experience while surfing through your online store from the mobile browser. Besides, shoppers can zoom into the image from lightbox popup and have magnified view from the page. This way, your online customers are going to have much smoother experience on viewing product images.

Video Source: Official WooCommerce website

Performance improvement for larger stores

WooCommerce 3.0 uses taxonomies for product visibility, featured products and out of stock products instead of post meta. As taxonomies are much faster than post meta, this is certainly going to speed up your store. In addition to that, the number of queries has been reduced in product pages and cart pages. Less query means less burden on the server resource, which directly improves the performance of the store. This way, WooCommerce 3.0 is much more efficient than its predecessors.

Introduction of CRUD classes

If you are the developer, you know that previous versions of WooCommerce used to do operations like the creation of products, updating them, reading them and deleting them. You needed to know what type date you were going to modify. This was more complex and time-consuming.

To solve such issue, WooCommerce 3.0 uses CRUD classes because of which you can write and read data with a single method. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, Delete. There are the four basic things that you have to do with your products, users, and any other resources. In this way, the introduction of CRUD classes is going to make the like of developers very easy.

New CLI for faster data management

The previous version of WooCommerce also had Command Line Interface (CLI). But, it was separate from REST API. Because of this, you couldn’t enjoy the features of REST API. But, new CLI of WooCommerce 3.0 has been developed by forking Restful and thus is much faster and efficient. This reduces the burden on the plugin making it more powerful with less code.

Commands available on CLI of WooCommerce 3.0

Commands available on new CLI. Source: Official WooCommerce website

Wrapping Up

WooCommerce 3.0 is certainly major upgrade on WooCommerce plugin. But, WPCounsel suggests you to test the new version in your local server your live site data and theme before updating the plugin. Some issues are seen with the compatibility with some themes and on geolocation. Developers behind WooCommerce are working on resolving such issue with version 3.1.

We’ll be posting all the major latest news of WooCommerce and WordPress. So keep following WPCounsel.