10+ best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

10+ best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

Are you looking for best free WordPress magazine theme? Here we have researched and listed 10+ best ones for your magazine website or news portal.

Are Free WordPress Magazine themes good for you?

Well, it all depends upon your requirements. Both free themes and premium (paid themes) have their own pros and cons. If you want to start a magazine website without spending much money at the beginning, free themes are better choice. Free themes are of high quality as well. But, obviously, you won’t get much features and much support in free themes. So, if you are ready to invest for better quality, you may better go for premium theme.

For more information about free themes and premium themes, read this article: Free theme vs Premium theme – which is better for my website?

So, here I present the 10+ best free WordPress themes for Magazine website or new portal:

JustWrite – WordPress Magazine theme

JustWrite - best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

JustWrite is brilliant theme in this category and thus comes on top on my list due to its appealing design and premium features. It is full screen theme with carousel, featured sliders, large image, interactive widgets, lots of ad space to help you earn from advertising and much more. One can easily read the news or articles in its big sections and would love to become regular visitor being impressed by its attractive appearance.

Major features of JustWrite:

  • Clearn responsive design
  • Widgetized index
  • Ad ready
  • Custom sections
  • Custom widgets

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IsleMag – WordPress Magazine theme

IsleMag - best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

IsleMag is one of the best product of most popular theme company, Themeisle. It is modern clean WordPress magazine theme with lots of carousel sliders. This theme allows you to use carousel in any section. You can choose custom background for its boxed design. Your readers will find extremely comfortable to read news on your news portal. Besides, you can well monetize your site with its several ad spaces.

Major features of IsleMag:

  • Carousel slider
  • Instagram feed
  • Unlimited colors
  • Review system
  • Ad banners
  • Widgetized footer

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TrendMag – WordPress Magazine theme

Trendmag - best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

TrendMag is another great theme which has WooCommerce compatibility as well. Yes, you can see some merchandizing items or anything else directly from your magazine website. It makes TrendMag very powerful and unique from others. Besides, TrendMag has all other features like interactive widgets, unlimited sidebars and many more. Your content in the smartly placed sections will be more cathy to your viewers.

Major features of TrendMag:

  • Live customizer
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Translation ready
  • Widget ready
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Social links support

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Silk Lite – WordPress Magazine theme

Silk Lite - best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

If you are building fashion magazine, Silk Lite is one of the best theme for you. With its simple yet classy design, you can attract lots of viewers who would love to read your blogs and articles on your website. Silk lite can be used for personal as well as professional website. You can easily build magazine like pages. Besides, you can showcase the article writer in attractive author box. This will inspire your authors as well to provide you quality content.

Major features of Silk Lite:

  • minimalist design,
  • translation ready
  • magazine-like pages
  • beautiful author box
  • newsletter box
  • widget ready

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FlyMag – WordPress Magazine theme

FlyMag - best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

FlyMag’s clean multipurpose design makes it superior. It has minimalistic design but is very powerful with interactive look, image sliders, draggable carousels and many more. It puts your content first by helping your readers to avoid distractions. This makes your website the better preference of huge viewer base which increases returning audience rate.

Major features of FlyMag:

  • Lazy loading effect
  • Various post formats
  • Translation ready
  • Custom widgets
  • Custom colors
  • Google Fonts

Maggie Lite – WordPress Magazine theme

Maggie Lite - best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

Maggie Lite is one of the most feature-rich Free WordPress magazine theme. It has very attractive and powerful homepage and other page design that looks really professional. There are several features which you could expect from paid version only making your choice more valuable. Maggie Lite has received very good reviews at WordPress theme repository as well for its exceptional design, features and great support. So, it can certainly become your best choice to start a magazine theme.

Major features of Maggie Lite:

  • Dark and light theme skins
  • Multiple ads sections
  • 5 block layouts on the homepage
  • Boxed and full-width layouts
  • Tabbed category widgets + 7 in-built widgets.
  • Colorful category backgrounds
  • News ticker

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Profitmag – WordPress Magazine theme

ProfitMag - best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

Profitmag theme stands out in the theme market for its clean coded classic design. You can show large number of posts in homepage efficiently well organized within several categories. It has all modern features like featured sliders, media galleries,  slideshows and much more. So, this theme is best for the general publication that is for the news portals.

Major features of Profitmag:

  • Responsive design
  • Latest news ticker
  • Photo gallery and ads section in sidebar
  • Three color schemes
  • Four widget sections in footer
  • Multiple custom widgets.

Black & White – WordPress Magazine theme

Black & White - best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

If you are looking magazine website with vintage look, Black & WHite is best for you. Everything looks black and white in this theme. But, you’ll get them in their original color when you hover over them. You get all modern features and attractive typography making it more readable. So, if you are looking for the modern design and features with vintage touch, you’d certainly fall in love with Black & White.

Major features of Black & White:

  • Responsive design,
  • SEO ready,
  • Full-width featured slider,
  • Google fonts selector,
  • Translation ready,
  • Unlimited color options.

Newsmag Lite – WordPress Magazine theme

NewsMag Lite - best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

Are you building magazine website or news portal in the complex topics like politics or economics, Newsmag Lite is best for you. It has clean and fully organized homepage. Content focused design enables distraction free reading which is very important for professional magazine website or news portal. So, go with Newsmag lite if you are on the way to making next great magazine website of the world.

Major features of Newsmag Lite:

  • Responsive design,
  • Custom logo upload,
  • widgetized footer,
  • Parallax featured images
  • Translation ready,
  • Ad friendly.

VMag Lite – WordPress Magazine theme

Vmag Lite - best free WordPress Magazine theme for 2017

If you’re building website for news agencies or top magazines, you need professional design with powerful features. VMag Lite rightly addresses your need. You can have lots of posts in homepage with lazy loading effect for images which helps you for quick loading. Its multipurpose magazine theme because of which you can use it for any type of magazine website. It has neat and clean design which attracts your viewers which helps to turn them as returning visitors. This is crucial for any magazine website.

Major features of VMag Lite:

  • Mobile friendly,
  • News ticker,
  • Carousel news widget,
  • AdSense ready,
  • Translation ready,
  • 13 in-built widgets.

Wrapping up

You can use any one of the above theme that please your requirements to start a magazine website quickly. Most of these themes have paid version as well. So, if you need premium features with active support from developers, you can purchase premium version any time in future.

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Solution: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource error

Solution: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource error

I recently installed Divi theme in one of my website. After activating Divi theme, I saw some visual error in my website. Some icons weren’t showing up well. For example, I was seeing ‘5 instead of ‘> icon and ‘U‘ instead of search icon. It was huge visual hindrance for the website. So, I started to do research on this issue.

On inspecting the error, I saw an error which said ‘No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource…‘. My website is using SSL certificate and thus is accessible through https links. The icons may be in http link. As Chrome doesn’t allow cross domain access by default, I should have seen this error. What I need then was good solution to this issue. And, I got my solution after spending some half day researching over internet.

Solution to “No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is pres…” error:

Open the main .htaccess file of your website. It’s in the directory where you’ve installed WordPress. It may hidden if you are looking from the file manager of CPanel. In that case, click on the setting and check the checkbox show hidden files as shown in following screenshot:

Show hidden files in cpanel file manager

Edit the .htaccess files and add following code:

# Webfont access
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Allow access from all domains for webfonts.
# Alternatively you could only whitelist your
# subdomains like "subdomain.example.com".
<IfModule mod_headers.c>
  <FilesMatch "\.(ttf|ttc|otf|eot|woff|woff2|font.css|css|js)$">
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

Above code solved the issue in my website. But, if it doesn’t in your case, you can add following code above the code we added just before:

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# CORS-enabled images (@crossorigin)
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Send CORS headers if browsers request them; enabled by default for images.
# developer.mozilla.org/en/CORS_Enabled_Image
# blog.chromium.org/2011/07/using-cross-domain-images-in-webgl-and.html
# hacks.mozilla.org/2011/11/using-cors-to-load-webgl-textures-from-cross-domain-images/
# wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Reviews/crossoriginAttribute
<IfModule mod_setenvif.c>
  <IfModule mod_headers.c>
    # mod_headers, y u no match by Content-Type?!
    <FilesMatch "\.(gif|png|jpe?g|svg|svgz|ico|webp)$">
      SetEnvIf Origin ":" IS_CORS
      Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" env=IS_CORS

This should have certainly solved your issue.

Wrapping up

I hope this article was useful for you. If it doesn’t solve your issue or you’ve better solution to this issue, please let me know from the commen/t box below. I’ll be looking forward to your comments and suggestions. And, we’re posting new articles in almost every two days.

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Should I protect my WordPress website with SSL certificate (https)?

Should I protect my WordPress website with SSL certificate (https)?

You certainly have seen several websites with https in their link. In such website you see a padlock symbol followed by ‘Secure’ in the address bar of your web browser. These are actually the websites secured with SSL certificate. What actually is SSL? How does it make your website secure? Should I protect my WordPress website with SSL certificate? These are the questions that we’re going to deal in this article.

What is SSL?

SSL is the standard security technology to establish encrypted data exchange between web server and web browser. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It ensures that data being shared between web server and a browser is private and integral. It has been used by millions of websites to keep their online transaction and data transfer highly secure. Even our website also uses SSL.

If your website is secured by SSL, browsers make request to your server with https link rather than http. On the first request, your web server replies with your SSL certificate. Browser checks the certificate and verifies if it can trust it. It checks if the certification authority can be trusted and if your certificate hasn’t expired. If it cannot trust the certificate (generally happens in case of self-signed certificate) and if the certificate has expired, it warns the viewer about the security risks and recommends not to use the website. When browser finds it trustworthy, it then requests the web server for more data of the page. On receiving such request, web server starts sending the encrypted data. Your browser decrypts it with public key and then displays it to you. Your browser also encrypts the data when it sends it to sever. This way secure exchange of data then continues in the session.

Why should I use SSL certificate on my WordPress website?

There are primarily two major reasons for which you’d like to use SSL certificate on your WordPress website: data security and SEO benefit.

Data security by SSL certificate

Data security first and the foremost importance of using secured connection. If your WordPress website is online shopping site, or have to do data exchange of sensitive data like credit card details or even if privacy of data being exchanged is very important, in that case you must use SSL certificate in your website. If you use SSL certificate, your customers can trust you. Else, they wouldn’t use your service.

You may have seen https links in all email services like gmail, yahoo, etc. It’s all for data privacy. With SSL certificate, we can be ensured that emails that we received isn’t tampered and stolen anywhere in between server and browser. If somebody tries to steal data, what they get is highly encrypted data which is of no use to them.

SEO benefit on https website

Google has announced that if is providing ranking benefit to https website secured by SSL certificate. If two pages have similar SEO weightage, Google will now show the page protected with SSL certificate before the one with http link. It is certainly big boost as you’re going to beat your non-https competitors easily without doing anything special. In my personal experience, I’ve seen the links of websites with https links more often in first page of google search. So, I’m sure that they are getting some SEO benefit just for having SSL certificate in their website.

Wrapping UP

Protecting your website with SSL certificate is always the good idea. But, while moving to https, you need to be clear about the complexities as well. First of all, most of the certification authorities charge you for SSL certificate. Certificates have expiry date. So, you need to ensure that your website’s SSL certificate hasn’t expired. If it’s going to expire, you need to update it immediately. In addition to that, you need to understand that your website will be slightly slow (if well-managed it will be of few milliseconds only) when you use SSL certificate.

We’ll be discussing more about WordPress website security in upcoming articles as well. So, keep following WPCounsel.

Yoast SEO – Our experience with free version of Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO – Our experience with free version of Yoast SEO plugin

WordPress is certainly better than other CMS in SEO perspective. But, is it enough to rank higher in search engines? Certainly not! After all, you have to focus on the content of your site more often for better SEO. There are several other aspects as well that you need to configure in your WordPress website to be able to beat your competitors in Search Engine ranking. And, we all aren’t SEO expert. So, what do we do for better SEO? The answer is SEO plugin. Here, I’m going to do the review of Yoast SEO plugin (Free version). Yes, we are currently using the free version of Yoast SEO plugin in WPCounsel.

What is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress SEO plugin available in WordPress Plugin repository. Besides, it is one of the most used WordPress plugins. WordPress plugin repository shows that currently 3+ Million websites and blogs have installed Yoast SEO plugin. So, certainly, it is one the most popular and trusted plugin in WordPress community. Yoast SEO is feature-rich WordPress SEO plugin which takes your site’s SEO level several miles ahead when configured and used properly. It allows have in-depth control over SEO factors of every part of your site. In addition to making the site and post metadata SEO friendly, it does effective content analysis as well for the chosen keyword. What I like the most is the way it rates the post within 3 SEO levels and readability levels and makes real-time suggestions for improvements.

Major features of Yoast SEO (free version)

Among the several features of Yoast SEO, here are the tools and features which I loved the most. They make your life much easier in your struggle for better Search Engine Optimization.

Real-time SEO analysis by Yoast SEO

For SEO, content is the king. Your content should have certain keyword density (percentage of keywords in relation to total words). Besides, you need to have keywords in the title, description, headings and content. Even the position of keywords in the title and the post content matters a lot. These are very technical issues, which we miss to address while writing the post. But, these are the things which determine your SEO strength. Yoast SEO does real-time content analysis and gives recommendations. The thing is 3 colors rating is the really awesome feature which helps you determine your SEO level for the keyword you have chosen. For example, I’ve chosen focus Keyword ‘SEO Yoast’ for this post. At now, it is showing green signal (good SEO level) for my post as I’ve followed most of the recommendations of best SEO practice. While writing further I any bigger issues are seen, I’ll immediately see orange (Good but needs more improvements) and even red (if serious SEO issue appears). Yoast SEO focus keyword and SEO signal You can see this SEO signal in the Admin header bar of the page. This bar shows you this signal every time you view the article after logging in your account. Admin header bar with SEO signal of Yoast SEO If you see the orange or red signal, you should check out the SEO recommendations. You can see all the recommendations in the Analysis panel of Yoast SEO below focus keyword module. For the test, let me change the focus keyword to ‘Yoast SEO plugin’ and show you the recommendations from Yoast SEO. Recommendations of Yoast SEO after content analysis After changing the focus keyword, SEO signal has gone to orange. And, you can see the bunch of recommendations for better SEO on this particular keyword. On following these recommendations, SEO signal turns green again. This way, I’m always made to follow the best SEO practices which help me rank higher in the Search engines. Isn’t it amazing? I’ve not seen such great feature in any other WordPress SEO plugin because of which we at WPCounsel love it.

Real-time readability analysis by Yoast SEO

You are writing for the humans, not for the Search engine bots. So, your content must be readable for your readers. Search engines like Google observe the readability level as well for their ranking purpose. Your article should be divided under different headings, the number of words under a heading also matters. The density of sentences with passive voice is also checked. Your sentences shouldn’t be too long making it difficult to comprehend. You, while writing, certainly cannot consider all these factors. Or if your start concentrating more on these technical things, you may not be able to concentrate on the message you want to deliver to your readers. Isn’t it? Yoast SEO plugin understands this very well and does the brilliant content analysis for readability. It follows same 3 signal model with readability recommendations. Not only that, it helps you to identify where exactly you need to correct. Readability analysis by Yoast SEO plugin This way, Yoast SEO plugin, helps you to ensure that your article is readable for your readers. And, this certainly helps you in SEO perspective as well. And, readability analysis is the feature which you get in Yoast SEO plugin only. (If you know any other SEO plugin with this feature, please let me know from the comment)

Easy configuration wizard

After you install and activate the plugin, you need to configure it. Yoast SEO has very easy configuration wizard through which you can setup the plugin. Just 10 simple steps which you can complete in 5 minutes. This configuration wizard prepares the plugin to serve your site. Confugaration wizard of Yoast SEO plugin

Tell search engines about your social profiles

Yoast SEO plugin lets you tell search engines about your all major social profiles. All the social links you add here will be added to pages as meta-data. You can add default image for the post and page link shared to facebook. You can confirm the ownership of your site for the Pinterest from here. For this, you just have to go to the SEO >> Social menu. You open different tabs and manage the social profiles links.

XML sitemap by Yoast SEO

A Sitemap is any document which tells the Search engine crawlers or users about the pages in the website. Pages are ordered in the hierarchical order for easier understanding. These days, the sitemap is made only for the search engine crawlers. So, they are written in XML rather than HTML. Sitemap helps the search engine to find all the internal pages of website easily. You can manually submit your website’s sitemap to Google from its search engine console. Other search engines also accept XML sitemap which helps them for quicker indexing of your website. Yoast SEO makes the XML sitemap of your site according to your preferences. You can set the maximum number of entries per page, allow or disallow author archives, control the post-types and taxonomies to be included in the sitemap, and even exclude certain posts from the XML sitemap. For this, you just have to go to SEO >> XML Sitemap menu and set your preferences. Need to download your sitemaps to submit to search engines, visit this page ‘ http://www.mysite.com/sitemap_index.xml ‘ and download the required sitemaps. You can find this link on the General tab of XML Sitemaps page of Yoast SEO.

Bulk Editor of Yoast SEO

What if you want to edit the SEO Title and SEO Description of each post or may be several posts of your website. Editing each page takes lots of time. So, to help you in such case, Yoast SEO has bulk editor tool. To access this tool, go to SEO >> Tools menu, then click on the Bulk Editor link. Bulk Editor - Yoast SEO

Search Console by Yoast SEO

The free version of Yoast SEO offers least features for Google Search console. But, you can certainly see all the ‘not found‘ errors of Google Search Console and mark them solved it. For this, you need to authenticate your site with Google from Yoast SEO plugin. In premium version of Yoast SEO, you’ll be able to redirect the links which have 404 error (not found error). You can reach to the Search Console by clicking on the SEO >> Search Console menu.

Advanced setting of Yoast SEO

In the advanced settings, Yoast SEO offers you 3 different tabs. The first tab has settings for Breadcrumbs. You can enable or disable the breadcrumbs, choose the separators between the breadcrumbs, prefix the paths and even choose the taxonomy for the breadcrumbs of different post types. The second tab is for the Permalinks. You can strip the category base. Or even redirect all your attachment URLs to parent post URL. You can clean up the permalink by removing the stop words or even choose to redirect all the ugly URLs to clean permalinks. Similarly, you can choose the content that you want to have before each post in the feed and after the post in the feed. For this, you need to use RSS tab of Advanced settings. This way, you get very important features under the advanced setting of Yoast SEO plugin.

Wrapping Up

We are very happy with the features and performance of Yoast SEO plugin and would like to recommend it to everyone with WordPress website and blogs. Hope this review was helpful for you. If you have anything to share about Yoast SEO plugin or any other SEO plugin, please leave a comment below. We’ll be posting the review of different WordPress themes, plugins and hosting services in the upcoming days. So keep following WPCounsel.